Screening Infill & Enclosure System

Solid, radial main elements of the Opus110S provide a subtle but distinct variation from traditional steel louvers. Designed for strength as well as aesthetics, the product’s durability is unmatched by other screening items of its type. Offering 92% visual concealment, Opus110S is ideal for various screening applications.

Easily fabricated and mounted to various frames, Opus110S is a highly adaptable product. Increased stiffness allows longer spans, offering unique design options not available with other materials of its type.

  • Solid, curved main elements
  • Superior visual concealment
  • Popular for equipment and trash enclosures
  • Available with all framing and post options
  • Wide variety of finishes and colors
  • 3.5# per square foot

Screening infill application
Screening Infill
Gates Application
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