The marquee offering of carbon steel architectural products, Opus includes grille and louver panels for fencing and screening applications of all types.

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Design Elements

Coda Architectural products can be presented with a variety of options to accent the design requirements of nearly any application. Commonly requested options have been illustrated for the convenience of the designer.

Panel Orientation

Main elements of the grille work can be oriented vertically or horizontally to provide different aesthetic solutions.
Opus Vertical Panel Orientation Coda Architectural


  • Main elements in vertical position
  • Traditional appearance
Opus Horizontal Panel Orientation Coda Architectural


  • Main elements in horizontal position
  • Distinct appearance

Post Options

Infill panels can be supported by a wide variety of posts. Popular options are shown here.
Opus Flat Bar Post Coda Architectural

Flat Bar

  • Steel flat bar
  • Minimal visual impact
Opus Square Tube Post Coda Architectural

Square Tube

  • Square or rectangular tube
  • Design element adds dimension
Opus Round Tube Post Coda Architectural

Round Tube

  • Round tube of various dimensions
  • Appearance provides visual interest

Railing/Fencing Infill Standard Connections

Standard connection types may be used for all grille work panels. Options shown here are used with products Opus10 through Opus70.
Opus Railing Fencing Infill Type A Coda Architectural

Type A

  • Trim band bar bent at end
  • Bolt passes through band bar to post
Opus Railing Fencing Infill Type B Coda Architectural

Type B

  • Band bar welded directly to post
  • Welding occurs during field installation
Opus Railing Fencing Infill Type C Coda Architectural

Type C

  • Straight band bar on infill panel attaches to horizontal tab welded to post
  • Attachment secured by bolting panel to post
Opus Railing Fencing Infill Type D Coda Architectural

Type D

  • Vertical tabs welded to infill panel and post
  • Attachment secured by bolting panel to post
Opus Railing Fencing Infill Type E Coda Architectural

Type E

  • Spacers separate panel from post
  • Bolt passes through length of spacer and attaches to post

Screen Infill Standard Connections

Louvered panels offer unique attachment methods. Type E connections are available for Opus80 and Opus100, while Type MC connections are utilized with Opus110P and Opus110S.
Opus Screen Infill Type E1 Coda Architectural

Type E1

  • Flat bar welded to vertical edge of panel
  • Bolt passes through flat bar and secures panel to post
Opus Screen Infill Type E2 Coda Architectural

Type E2

  • Face mounted panels conceal post
  • Flat bars welded to panel and post bolt together to secure post
Opus Screen Infill Type MC1 Coda Architectural

Type MC1

  • Panel land accommodates bolt
  • Flat bar welded to post serves as connection point
  • Bolt inserts horizontally through panel and flat bar
Opus Screen Infill Type MC2 Coda Architectural

Type MC2

  • Screen panel conceals post
  • Panel land accommodates bolt
  • Bolt inserts horizontally through panel directly into post

Gate Options

Utilizing Opus products as the centerpiece of the design, gates are custom designed and fabricated to meet dimensional and hardware requirements.
Coda Pedestrian Gate Coda Architectural


  • Customized access with security and visibility
  • Available in single and double door configurations
Coda Vehicle Gate Coda Architectural


  • Designed to meet application needs
  • Customized to ensure consistent appearance with fence system
Coda Screen Gate Coda Architectural


  • Provides visual concealment with louver products
  • Access and egress allowed
Coda Trash Enclosure Gate Coda Architectural

Trash Enclosure

  • Designed to mask unsightly areas
  • Durable to withstand continuous use and impact


Selection of the proper complementary color for architectural accents increases the overall appeal of any project. The colors shown have been selected to illustrate current, contemporary color schemes but represent only a small range of available colors.
White Architectural Accent Complementary Color
RAL 9003
Cream Architectural Accent Complementary Color
RAL 1013
Stone Architectural Accent Complementary Color
RAL 7032
Latte Architectural Accent Complementary Color
RAL 1019
Green Architectural Accent Complementary Color
RAL 6013
Sage Architectural Accent Complementary Color
RAL 6013
Celadon Architectural Accent Complementary Color
RAL 602
Bronze Architectural Accent Complementary Color
RAL 7006
Brick Architectural Accent Complementary Color
RAL 3009
Ginger Architectural Accent Complementary Color
RAL 1011
Saffron Architectural Accent Complementary Color
RAL 8023
Cinnamon Architectural Accent Complementary Color
RAL 8007
Ocean Architectural Accent Complementary Color
RAL 5023
Slate Architectural Accent Complementary Color
RAL 7040
Storm Architectural Accent Complementary Color
RAL 7039
Midnight Architectural Accent Complementary Color
RAL 9005


Coda Architectural offers six standard finishes available on all Opus products – listed here from premium to economical. If you need assistance selecting the proper finish for your application, please contact your local representative. 
Metallized and Powder Coat Finish Coda Architectural

Metallized and Powder Coat Finish

“Metallized–Powder” is a premium coating offering superior corrosion resistance when aesthetics are of the utmost importance. During this process, the base material is cleaned by abrasive blasting, sprayed with molten zinc-aluminum, and coated with an epoxy powder primer. The material is then top coated with a polyester powder coat in any RAL color. The thorough surface preparation and application of zinc-aluminum create a galvanic action that penetrates the surface of the metal and impedes rusting even if the powder and zinc surfaces are compromised. The powder coating provides desired color and additional layers of corrosion resistance. This finish is recommended for outdoor applications and is considered particularly effective near coastal waters. 20-Year Limited Warranty Information

Galvanized and Powder Coat Finish Coda Architectural

Galvanized and Powder Coat Finish

"Galvanized-Powder" is frequently specified for applications where excellent corrosion resistance and the application of color are required. Finished panels are hot dip galvanized to provide a 3-5 mil coating of zinc per ASTM A-123, and then pre-treated to accept an epoxy powder primer. The material is then top coated with a polyester powder coat available in a variety of RAL colors. It should be noted that the initial galvanized coating randomly exhibits rough surface texture that may be accentuated by the application of the finish powder coating. 20-Year Limited Warranty Information

Zinc Plated and Powder Coat Finish Coda Architectural

Zinc Plated and Powder Coat Finish

"Zinc-Powder" finish provides very good corrosion resistance and also provides for the application of color. The primary plated finish provides corrosion resistance by coating the fabricated panel with a smooth, 1-2 mil protective layer of zinc conforming to ASTM B-633. The panels are then chemically cleaned to accept an epoxy powder primer. The material is then top coated with a polyester powder coat available in the complete range of RAL color options. This finish is well suited for interior or inland exterior applications. 10-Year Limited Warranty Information

Powder Coat Primer and Powder Coat Finish Coda Architectural

Powder Coat Primer and Powder Coat Finish

"Powder-Powder" finish is an architectural coating that provides a distinct finished appearance and a moderate level of corrosion resistance. Fabricated panels are first treated by abrasive blasting to remove mill scale and provide a clean, uniform surface. The material is then processed by means of an Iron Phosphate chemical conversion coating. A corrosion resistant epoxy primer coat is then applied and cured by oven-baking. The panel is then coated with a polyester powder finish coat which provides ultraviolet protection and a smooth surface appearance. The finish coating of 5-9 mils overall thickness is an excellent choice for applications where appearance of the surface must meet demanding architectural standards.

Galvanized Finish Coda Architectural

Galvanized Finish

"Galvanized" panels provide substantial corrosion resistance for grille work exposed to atmospheric conditions. Commonly specified as an economical finish for outdoor applications, panels receive a 3-5 mil coating of zinc in accordance with ASTM A-123 after fabrication. It should be noted that hot dip galvanizing is not considered an architectural coating. Galvanized products may randomly exhibit rough texture on the finished surface, dissimilar color characteristics, and will oxidize when exposed to the elements.

Primer Coat Finish Coda Architectural

Primer Coat Finish

"Primer" finished panels provide limited corrosion resistance. This finish involves applying one of a wide variety of primer paint coatings applied to the fabricated panels. Typically specified for applications where on-site finish coatings will be applied, it is important to specify primers that are compatible with the finish coat that will be applied.